Software outsourcing

We are facing business digitalization and technology democratization. In order to build a winning team, it is paramount to acquire the right people. But software experts with practical knowledge in embedded software are hard to find. How can you address that problem?
Idea: For many big companies the solution is to setup a development team in Poland which is well known for many skilled engineers and has the advantage of the same timezone and no major culture differences. However, if you are a small or mid-sized company the key is to find a good partner.
FAST Consult has an established office in Gliwice, Poland. We have skilled team leads with experience in outsourcing and scaling development in international, agile environments.
We are located at Technopark startup hub, inside the Silesian University of Technology campus. With the great infrastructure and two international airports right at the doorstep we have less than 2 hours travel time to many major cities in Europe.