FAST Consult is a Danish/Polish company founded by 2 experienced engineers. Our mission is to join the digital revolution in the civil engineering and manufacturing industry by building up Fast Agile Software Teams and make them available for international clients.

we are

Machine Control Experts – Together we have more than 15 years of experience with GPS guided Machine Control. We know the technology and we know the users.

Software Engineers by Heart – We are passionate software developers who have coded since we were kids. We continue exploring and innovating. We turn our vast experience into real-life applications leaving a visible mark on the world.

Agile – We are a small and flexible team that can adapt to any given challenge. Even if your project is a supertanker we can offer you a speedboat; effective and able to change a direction on a short notice.

International Minded – We know how to work efficient with outsourcing and remote setups. We have experience leading large software projects with multiple teams. Furthermore we have an international network of experts.